CASPIAN Focus Imaging
Moderator: Mohammad Hossein Mandegar
Facilitator: Saeed Mirsadraei,Ali Hamedanchi
Case Selection by ECHO: What an Echocardiographer Needs to Know? 
Hoorak Poorzand,Iran / 15 min
TAVR Case Selection by CT
Saeed Mirsadraei,UK / 20 min
Acute Complications During TAVR,Echo Aspects
Mohammad Sahebjam,Iran / 20 min
TAVR in Bicuspid Valve; How to Deal with,CT Aspect
Hamidreza Pooraliakbar,Iran / 15 min
Imaging During TAVR Procedure: TEE,TTE or no one!
Afsoon Fazlinezhad,Iran / 15 min
Post TAVR Clinical and Subclinical Thrombosis,Echo Aspects
Ali Hamedanchi,Germany / 20 min