CASPIAN Focus Live
Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Interventions
Moderators: Horst Sievert,Shakeel A. Qureshi
Panelists: Mohammad Hossein Mandegar,Seyfolah Abdi
Case Selection in Trans-catheter Mitral Replacement,CT Role
Saeed Mirsadraei,UK / 10 min
Trans-catheter Mitral Repair: Old to New Techniques
Elaheh Malakanrad,Germany / 10 min
Minimally Invasive MV Surgery,When and Why?!
Alireza A. Ghavidel,Iran / 10 min
Tricuspid and Mitral Valve in Valve Intervention 
Horst Sievert,Germany / 10 min
Live Case Transmision