CASPIAN Master Class
Intervention Clinical Complications & Challenges
Moderator: Bharat Dalvi
Facilitators: Abdolrahim Ghasemi,Paridokht N. Davari
Simultaneous PDA & RVOT Stenting in a Very Small Neonate  
Mohammad Reza Edraki,Iran / 10 min
Do and Don’t in Device Closure
Worakan Promphan,Thailand / 10 min
Back to Basics: Avoiding Complications of the Arterial Access in Infants
Bharat Dalvi,India / 10 min
Atrioventricular Block as a Complication of ASD Device Closure. Report of a Case and Review of the Literature.
Mohammad Reza Sabri,Iran / 10 min
Has Progress been Made with Post-MI VSD Closure? Case Report of the First Purpose-specific Occlutech PIVSD Occluder. 
Eustaquio Maria Onorato,Italy / 10 min
Isolated MAPCA as a Cause of LV Dilatation and Severe MR
Hamid Amoozegar,Iran / 10 min
When an ASD Closure Becomes a Nightmare!!
Akbar Molaei,Iran / 10 min
Long Segment CoA Balloon Angioplasty,a Nightmare in a Small Neonate
Nima Mehdizadegan,Iran / 10 min