CASPIAN Focus Live
Moderators: Horst Sievert,Mazeni Bin Alwi
Panelists: Mohammad Abbasi T.,Alireza A. Ghavidel
PAIVS with Coronary Sinusoids – How to Recognize RV Dependent Coronary Circulation
Mazeni Bin Alwi,Malaysia  / 10 min
Perforation and Balloon Dilation in PAIVS
Worakan Promphan,Thailand / 10 min
Closing Inter-atrial Communication in PAIVS – Patient Selection & Technical Consideration and Outcome
Mazeni Bin Alwi,Malaysia / 10 min
Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Pulmonary Atresia,VSD MAPCA
Seong-Ho Kim,South Korea / 10 min

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