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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Razavi International Hospital,Mashhad,Iran December 5-6,2018

2nd IRAN CTO Meeting 2018

in Collaboration with EURO CTO Club,TOBI 2018 & EBC 2018




Choose a title that is long enough and covers the main points considering the importance of shortness.

Authors & Affiliations:
The full name of author should be mentioned.

Affiliations: Affiliation of the author contains only the department and the university and not the degree or position of author.

Corresponding author: One of the authors should be appointed for the necessary correspondence before and after the publication.  Address,telephone, fax number and email of the author should be written.


Abstract & Keywords:

 An abstract of 250-350 words should be provided to state the main objectives of the study,the main findings and the conclusions drawn from the observation.


Patients and Methods:




 A list of 3-10 keywords must be provided for indexing purposes.

   ** All abstracts should be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling.

Abstract Submission